Helping the Helpers Training



photo credit: Fabio Cea

We organized the first “Helping the Helpers Training,” a trauma prevention and intervention training for people working with refugees, from September 1st-6th, 2016 at our farm. The second iteration, which took place from September 2018- September 2019, is explained in greater depth on the Quaker Council for European Affairs page.

The 2016 training, lead by Dr. Leyla Welkin and organized with a local organizing group, UpUpA, provided psychological skills as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga exercises to help refugee service providers understand trauma.  The of Helping the Helpers is creating a more sustainable refugee service network, supporting those that work with refugees so they are less likely to burn out and help them improve their work. Refugees and the communities that welcome them are the ultimate beneficiaries, as awareness and healing from the long term effects of violence become the responsibility of everyone.

For those interested in the development of this course, we posted several articles about it before and after as well as two guest pieces by Trauma Informed Yoga co-instructor Kirsten Voris. We also produced flyers for the training in English, Italian and Turkish that give more information about this edition and the trainers in native languages of our participants.




We invite you to read our evaluation of the first training in our Helping the Helpers Report April 2018, which encourages and excites our interest in the potential of later editions.  For pictures, videos, and more information about the training we recommend checking out the training Facebook page here:

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