Evan and Federica at Borgo BasinoWe, Federica and Evan, are pleased to share this site as a developing space for our project at Borgo Basino in Italy.  For the last 5 years we have used this site to share our experiences, pictures and thoughts as we stay here at the Faggioli family farm/bed and breakfast (“agrotourism”, is the term used here in Italy).  Fede grew up here, helping her parents build a multifunctional business which has hosted groups from around the world, sponsored everything from mountain biking teams to horse therapy activities to internships, and now is ready for new energy.   We are now in the process of taking up the family business and giving it a flavor of our own, including support for people in transition like migrants, migrant supporters or peaceworkers, work to build an established ecovillage community here, and growing permaculture and land stewardship regeneration of the farm.

We are now offering the opportunity to donate securely and directly to our project through PayPal. You can pay using PayPal or a credit card tied to Evan’s account for now, with direct payments to our business account coming soon. Your donation right now will go directly to the costs of transition, from legal licensing fees to business certifications. Thank you very much!

How to navigate

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Where to find us

If you’re curious to know where we are exactly and get a bird’s eye view of the farm, check us out on Google Maps:

If you’d prefer to take a virtual tour, zoom into street view above or click this link below:

If you’re considering a visit and would like to see more details of the B&B side of things, we post a few of our apartments on Airbnb (small apartment here and large apartment here) which give you a good sense of the place. You are welcome also to book with us there, or contact us directly for special rates.


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  1. Had a brief but satisfying visit with Ray/Rachel. She seems to be in a good space, three years later, despite economic challenges.

    Pan and I are chugging, that is sewing along, most recently making zip line harnesses. What a craze. They are all around.
    love, boyd

    1. Thanks for the update and for following us. Federica is a huge fan of ziplines. Is there one in the area that features your harnesses?


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