Thank you for being a part of the Barnraising Tour!

We are back from the Barnraising Tour!  Thank you to all of you who joined us, especially to the many of you who supported us materially, spiritually and otherwise! If you couldn’t be with us, don’t fret, this message can serve as a bit of catchup. We’d like to send this message out as a… Read More Thank you for being a part of the Barnraising Tour!

Announcing our Borgo Basino Barnraising Tour!

From October 28th-November 11th, I’ll be touring the US with my son and Beatrice, Stefano and their son Bernardo to “raise the barn” on our new farm project in Italy. After many years of work, we are finally very excited to share that our community is coming together on the farm and we’re starting new… Read More Announcing our Borgo Basino Barnraising Tour!

Sea Change

Sitting down to eat together is a cornerstone of Italian culture. Perhaps you’ve heard about this or experienced it yourself, but for Italians food is a sacred substance and sharing it with others completes the rite. After years living in this country, I catch myself performing rituals of this culinary communion that I’d never imagined… Read More Sea Change


I don’t often dine beside the Parthenon, but as I stared at it this particular time, something felt familiar. I was leading a group of American students from my new part time job on a study tour of Greece for Spring Break. By this time we’d had several meals while gazing on the acropolis from… Read More Basecamp

5 questions about community, 5 answers about immigration

After our last post, a friend offered this comment: It’s impressively optimistic to name a home “House of Peace.” Even the smallest inter-personal conflicts can disrupt a harmonious atmosphere, and I’m always impressed with groups of people who attempt to live together in community. Having watched a local commune in Oregon for years, as it… Read More 5 questions about community, 5 answers about immigration


We’re back! Our last post here more than a year ago spoke about the space of possibility and potential near the edges of one thing and another. We’ve been skating along the edges ever since, with little time to write or even to be clear what we’d say. Perhaps it’s still foggy, but at least… Read More Alignment