Rolling along!

The summer peak is past and we are preparing for the fall and (hopefully) cooler weather. Among the many things going on this year, we’ve had many more bicycles in our lives!

Both the boys whizz through the Borgo every day, plus O has begun mountain biking lessons to follow in his mother’s footsteps. For lessons and other excursions we’ve manage to pack all four cycles onto our small electric vehicle to reach bike paths, river walks and beaches in the area.

Now you can roll with us, too! Through the boys’ school we’ve met another cross cultural family with one foot in Italy and one in the US, and they’ve run a bicycle touring and rental company since the 1970’s. Through our partnership with them you can rent bikes and have them delivered to Borgo Basino or coordinate with us to set up a tour with their professional guides, all equipment included.

A month ago visiting family biked from here to Venice in the blazing sun using rented bikes and gear, so any trip you plan will be all downhill by comparison! You can browse Pedaliamo’s bikes, ebikes, mountain bikes and accessories using the widget below or let us know if you’d like to set up a tour.