Permaculture Project Planning at Borgo Basino

Permaculture is a design system for  areas inhabited by people that seeks to harmoniously integrate various aspects of the natural world, resulting in a sustainable, balanced and aesthetic environment. Each element that is introduced and applied is designed to regenerate the soil, purify the water, produce healthy food, build with ecological materials, create biodiversity. It is therefore a question of taking care of the environment where food is grow and harvested. This approach is the exact opposite of intensive agriculture aimed at exploiting the soil by impoverishing it.

The word “permaculture” was created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the mid-1970s to describe an integrated and evolutionary system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species, useful to humans. At the beginning it meant “permanent agriculture”, today it means “permanent culture”, a reflection of how after 40 years of development this methodology now also includes holistic social and cultural aspects.

At Borgo Basino we have been observing, analyzing the place where we live and where we cultivate for the last several years, mapping the forces and flows that characterize our land.  Now, thanks to the help of Pietro Venezia of Armonie Animali (Animal Harmony Network and Andrea Minchio of Rigenera (A Permaculture Design group it’s time to start building and creating a completely regenerative system.

We decided to take this path with permaculture design because we strongly believe in its three ethical principles 1) Earth Care, 2) People Care and 3) Fair Share. We believe that by supporting cycles of regeneration on our farm we are developing systems to be better stewards of the earth, the people on it and distribute resources equitably.

We are ready to discover and learn. Follow us on this path towards increasingly sustainable agriculture, ethical land management and attention to personal well-being.

Here is the first map in our new permaculture design process, building off earlier zone mapping created by Federica in 2013: