Thank you for being a part of the Barnraising Tour!

We are back from the Barnraising Tour!  Thank you to all of you who joined us, especially to the many of you who supported us materially, spiritually and otherwise! If you couldn’t be with us, don’t fret, this message can serve as a bit of catchup.

We’d like to send this message out as a place for everyone to access the materials we shared on tour, including our many new subscribers.  We hope you’ll find something here that peaks your interest, but if at any time you’d like to unsubscribe from messages from us you can do so at the bottom of each mail we send.

Borgo Basino presentation

The Borgo Basino presentation we used throughout the tour can be found at this link.  This presentation uses the online software platform Prezi. To navigate, click on our logo or the various images around it. We have shared all our content publicly, but there are some “hidden links” with more in-depth presentations we shared during some presentations in the lower right-hand corners of our circular landing pages for “What is an Ecovillage?,” “Helping the Helpers” “Take a Tour” and “Our Farm from Above.”  Go back up a level from any page on the presentation by clicking on the grey arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

Here too is a static PDF version for those who would prefer something simpler:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”BB presentation”]

You are still warmly welcome to donate to our work! We have a limited number of green and blue organic cotton/recycled-plastic-bottle blend T-shirts in unisex sizes for those donating at the $50 level or above. (If want to be absolutely certain about availability, please send us an email with your mailing zip code plus desired size and color.)

Thank you again to the many of you who donated securely during our tour!

Mehter and The 21 Day Challenge

We also wanted to make available the links to participate in Mehter/Cambio di Marea’s 21 Day Challenge.  Here is the Mehter presentation for you to browse:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Mehter in USA”]

If you’d like to find the seasonal “Autumn” diet plan for download, you can do so from this page: We will update that page with subsequent seasonal plans with each passing season.

If you would like to take the 21 Day Challenge, we strongly encourage you to participate in our research through working with us to collect some medical data about its impact on your body. The indicators we ask you to collect and share both before and after the challenge include your BMI, blood pressure, and some standard blood and urine tests. Your total out of pocket expense, if these tests are not covered by your insurance provider, should be about $35 before and after you take the challenge. We ask for this investment on your part as a contribution toward the research we are freely offering, seeking to create an alternative to studies underwritten by corporate interests.

If you are based in the greater Olympia area, we have set up a collaboration with Elinor Jordan, ND, based at East Olympia Healing Arts. She can order the appropriate lab work and help you interpret it.  We are pursuing potential leads for other medical providers in other areas, so if you have suggestions or questions about this, please contact us at this link. You can use the same contact link to ask any questions or clarify anything about the 21 Day Challenge.

Finally, for those who enjoyed making gnocchi with us for our final event, here is the recipe to make it yourself at home!

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Thank you to one and all of you! Blessings on your generosity and we look forward to keeping in touch!