We’re back! Our last post here more than a year ago spoke about the space of possibility and potential near the edges of one thing and another. We’ve been skating along the edges ever since, with little time to write or even to be clear what we’d say. Perhaps it’s still foggy, but at least we can check in now about where we’ve been. Many of you have asked as well, so we feel encouraged continue offering dispatches as we align our lives on margins of one thing and another.

Our greatest joy in the last year came as we found that we would have a second child. This news called for some significant realignment, an opportunity to really consider what we are called to do and where. After a casting about a bit, we made the decision to return to the US for a time to welcome this little one and catch our breath a bit after the last years of hard work. Evan’s brother Avery extended the invitation for us to come stay with him and Promise, our sister in law, in the family home that goes back to our great grandparents on Bainbridge Island (outside of Seattle.) Our second son was the fourth member of my family born on that property. What turned out to be a 6 month sojourn there was really a beautiful time for us, just coming to an end now.


We had the chance to be surrounded by Evan’s family for a time as we worked out what we really wanted to do with our lives and vocation. Our oldest attended a really lovely cooperative preschool that we stumbled into on Bainbridge, with incredible support and encouragement as we transitioned into parenthood², including meal trains, parent education classes and lots of time for parent/child time in and outside the classroom. Bolstered by love from family and new friends alike, in the end we decided we wanted to continue our process of exploring a residential radical hospitality project in Italy.

We were excited this time last year about the possibilities of the local and international ecovillage network, that promised to provide new opportunities for community building and perhaps a new direction for our projections. What began as a short term gig for Evan working to organize the European Ecovillage Conference 2017 has now become a long term, part time role directing communications for the Global Ecovillage Network.

We have now made the decision to spend the next few months at “The House of Peace” a project of Federica’s Pope John XXIII Community based just 45 minutes or so from the family farm. We’ll share more about this project in the coming months and our continuing journey, and we really appreciate all the love and support!