Building a Hugelkultur bed, in pictures

13 thoughts on “Building a Hugelkultur bed, in pictures

  1. Must not have been raining much, and looks like a sunny aspect. Been enjoying winter carrots for the second season, from Barking Moon Farms. On a par with very dark chocolate for getting me through the dark days.
    tweet – we already have Spring song here, Winter Wren, Vireo and Song Sparrow

    1. It’s been remarkably sunny and we timed building this just before we got some rain to soak it in. The hope is to hold off on installing irrigation lines a bit longer in case of cold snaps but it’s been remarkably warm this winter. Eerily so. I’ve been sticking out bird feeders more regularly too

    1. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, right? With a seasoned veteran on the way, we have in fact planned out some much more major installations. Get Ready! See you soon!

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