History of a Community: the roots of Borgo Basino

The idea of ​​the Borgo Basino took root in the summer of 2013. We started by deepening and developing the concept of place-based organizing, considering the historical and cultural resources of our area to build, step by step, local community in a globalized world. Through this video we want to remind our community about the evolution of our history, honoring the place and the path that has brought us to today. Together with you, we are still building in our folk school on the themes of community research we describe in this video.

For us it is about local activism, centered on the concept of community. One of the founding themes for us is Food Justice. This can mean a lot of things, but for us it means cooperative farming, climate awareness, food sovereignty, and using techniques to create regenerative ecosystems on the farm. We strongly believe in transition and in the adaptation in the context to the constant changes that this rapidly evolving world asks of us. Here are the roots of Borgo Basino!

If you are interested, you can start from the very beginning of our project 8 years ago here, reading about our progress as we documented that first season step by step.