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Summer is here!  While many people take long summer days and sunshine to kick back and daydream, you all know us well enough you won’t be surprised we’re bucking the trend.  We still dream about the big and grand plans, but also are considering some of the nitty gritty of questions like:  How are we going to support ourselves in the long term?  How can we bring our individual skills and interests as a couple together to work our best as a team, professionally and personally?  We realize we have a lot of interests and are good at coming up with ambitious ideas, but no matter what happens we would like to make sure we’re creating a strong foundation for our future as a family.

To that end, Fede is wrapping up here Evergreen studies with an extended independent project focusing on conflict resolution.  She trained extensively over the last 4 years with the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County to become a conflict mediator and will take time this summer to put this education to practical use with mediation sessions and research on different conflict resolution models.  We also received an opportunity to sign up for a Business Plan development workshop at Enterprise for Equity, a nonprofit in Olympia that helps low income people realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.  The 10 week course gives practical advice for starting up a business, including market research, cash flow projections, informational interviews with related business and the like.  We are still developing all our ideas, but we’d like to invite you all to help us!  If you would be willing to take this short survey, anonymously or with the opportunity to followup more later, that would really help us and our planning.  You can click on the link below to complete 10 questions we will use in our business planning.

Click here to go to the survey. Thank you for your help!

our coworkers

Our coworkers