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Federica and I were invited to speak to a class at Evergreen this week, sharing about the Fattorie Faggioli and talking about some of the concepts we consider important to our vision of the work there.  It was really a fun opportunity to speak with interested students and look back on our work this summer by sharing anecdotes and experiences.  Federica did a great job of contextualizing her family’s business and also her own service-based travel in the presentation.

In order to show a bit more than the promotional video for the farm, I pulled together some of the footage and pictures we took this summer and drafted a short video of my own.  It’s rough around the edges and I’m still learning about video-editing, but it was well received by students.  Please leave comments and suggestions for improvements.

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  1. Knowing that both of you have come from Palestine and places where there is conflict at season of our planet, I feel nurtured by the environment you found for yourselves and your energy this past summer, I just hope that sense of learning and contributing to the nourishment of humankind in planting and cultivating and caring will lead to a path through your lives you find fulfilling,

  2. Dear Evan and Fede,
    Ahmet and I viewed this and both of us like it. It shows off the beauty of the Fattoria Faggioli beautifully and begins to sketch out your ideas about sustainable agriculture and community. I enjoyed hearing your voice and seeing the pictures and and getting a glimpse of the ideas you are communicating. I wanted a bit more development of the ideas part. More please about the transitions and transformations. You make a brief and interesting statement there. Can you add a bit more so that I understand more fully what you are pointing toward? Can you show me a bit more about how you see Olympia and Cusercoli being connected in this vision? Aside from the fact that you spent time both places I am not sure what the connection is, as you give very little info about Olympia.
    This is great and makes me feel some of the pleasure you take in the inspiration behind your work. Video is such a lively medium, but also so brief. Developing an idea in this medium is no easy task I see. Great work. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the specific critique mom, just what I was looking for. I had wondered about that “transitions and transformation” piece myself. I think you’re right that all those concepts could be better developed. My sense is more examples would be even better than detached narration. Also the Olympia connection may be vague because we ourselves don’t have a completely clear sense of that ourselves. I’ll definitely take this to mind for draft #2

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