It’s Cucuzza time!

When we started to plant in the greenhouse in April we knew it was going to take a while, so we decided in the meantime to buy some plants to start the garden. When I explained that we wanted to try a synergetic garden, the seller was pretty excited and gave me 15 small extra plants as presents. She told me they were Sicilian cucumbers. We didn’t end up planting those plants in the synergetic beds, but they definitely grew successfully. A week ago I noticed that those strange cucumbers were growing really long and I harvested a few. They looked unusual, they are long and fuzzy. I was just wondering how to prepare those when it happened that a friend of ours, living in Florida, but originally from Sicily, was just visiting. I asked him if he knew how to prepare the cucumbers and he quickly exclaimed: Non sono cetrioli, sono cucuzze! (they’re not cucumbers, they’re cucuzze!). They are a type of squash, used to make a delicious minestra (soup).


cucuzza flower

So our friend promptly harvested some leaves and flowers too and started to make a cucuzza soup (made with cucuzza leaves, flowers, fruits, and garlic and tomatoes).

Sitting down eating cucuzza soup
Sitting down eating cucuzza soup
cucuzza plant
Cucuzza vine

The plants are growing fast and more cucuzze every day are ready to be harvested. We found that they are very versatile. Here’s some possible uses…

Cucuzza by Fede

Cucuzza by Fausto

Cucuzza by Mila

Cucuzza by Evan

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    1. The cucuzzas taste a lot like regular zucchini Machiko, but maybe a little like a cucumber also. They also grow like zucchinis so we have to start eating a lot of them!

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