May Showers

Property from the Northeast

This is a view of the property from the the Northeastern facing slope. The house and greenhouse are visible with the large plowed North field to the right.

Borgo Basino

This is the house and apartment complex of “Borgo Basino”, with three buildings surrounding a sort of courtyard.

The terraces to the south

These are the terraces where we have planned new swales. The plowed upper terraces have been planted with squash, melons and artichokes this year. The green roof and bamboo are part of the water purification system.

A new roof for the donkeys

After waiting a considerable amount of time in the rain, the donkeys now enjoy a new, custom-built tarp to cover their summer stall.

The little kid- RIP

This little guy was our male kid born in February. It’s really tough to keep billygoats with the rest of our herd, so we butchered him last week. I feel good knowing that we took good care of him and we thank him for his nourishment.