Animals all over!


This Goat, Nuvola, just gave birth to these two kids in mid February. They still need names. You can see one of the fields with a cover crop of clover and beehives behind them.


This is me with Fede’s first donkey, Alice (pronounced “Aly-che”)


We put them out to pasture for the first few times of the year, but we found it’s still too wet.


This is one of the kids of another goat, Esmeralda, born at the same time. It’s giving Fede little kisses.


We’re trying to cuddle with the kids every morning and evening when we go to feed them so they are used to human contact. The brown one is particularly shy.


This is Clara, the second foal of Alice’s who just keeps growing bigger. We’re going to have to buy a new halter for her because her head is enormous!