The Farm School

"The Farm School" hosts grassroots research and education projects building networks of community health.

The Farm Village

"The Farm Village" welcomes guests and potential new members to experience our community “ecovillage”

The Farm Table

"The Farm Table” offers cooking classes, tastings and tours on our pilot organic farm


Do you long to feel healthy within yourself, in your relationships, and as a member of the human family? Can you imagine each of us, our communities, and our world as interconnected? We are farmers, researchers and activists who believe the key to healing is knowledge, connection with others, and networks of regenerative sustainability. We are living a new model of multifunctional, global healing and we invite you to join us. Borgo Basino is a living, learning community connecting education, networking and wellness on a small multifunctional farm. We are a hub for agricultural innovation, community wellness, and sustainable hospitality.