Fiori di Sambuco e Stridoli

Despite the rainy Spring we’ve been having so far, there are two signs reminding me that the season is slowly moving forward: fiori di Sambuco (Elderberry flowers) and Stridoli (a spontaneous herb). I remember, growing up, collecting herbs and fruits with my uncle Ilario. He was a sailor for many years and loved to tell me stories… Read More Fiori di Sambuco e Stridoli

Ospitalita’ Romagnola (Hospitality in Romagna)

We took a walk on the beach in Marina di Ravenna. It was quite cold, but Evan really likes to watch fishermen, so we  decided to go near the capanni da pesca (fishing cabins). My mom’s side of the family comes from the coast and many of them are gente di mare (people of the sea). I have memories of… Read More Ospitalita’ Romagnola (Hospitality in Romagna)