Mila’s Power!

photo-1Nothing can stop my mom! Neither a broken ankle nor a ripped shoulder tendon! Here she’s showing us that it’s always possible to do some gardening…

Mia mamma si puo’ definire una vera forza della natura, nonostante una caviglia rotta e i tendini di una spalla strappati, insiste nel voler dare una mano a toglier le erbacce dall’aiuola…

2 thoughts on “Mila’s Power!

  1. Hi Fedrica I’m sorry to hear about Mila.I know her power also her age.It’s close to my age.I do’t adnit my age, however I have to do that manytimes lately.I think it’s the time to take a rest for a while. Pleas say to her take care. Machiko

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